Andrew Riad

As a Coptic Nubian Egyptian, Andrew's work is continuously and unequivocally centered around and rooted in the [de] and [anti] colonial. Despite his discipline and educational background in poetry, Andrew also turns to other mediums of art such as installations, photography, and videography generally. Through these mediums, Andrew attempts to reconcile colonial reverberations and presents, in an attempt to [re]imagine and [re]claim through the subaltern. Through an intimate and vulnerable creative process, Andrew is interested in the process of the creation of art, and through that, the later dissemination of and discourse around art as a vessel for not only representation and education, but also of healing. Currently, Andrew is working on a collection of poetry that attempts to [re]imagine "The Egypt". He is also the founder and creative director for The Colonized Project on Instagram. Andrew is interested in what can be inferred or understood that which does not present itself. How can we understand identity dimensionally, be able to digest it, breathe it, grow roots from it?