Curatorial Team & Artists



Humoud Suwaidan (b. 1996) is an Emarati Artist and digital photographer who specializes in the art of digital portraiture, focusing on the stories of illustrated characters. His inspiration stems from listening to the people around him and their unique and contrasting stories. Through his method of visual and interactive works, Suwaidan conveys people’s lives and messages in through photos. He has participated in several local photography exhibitions. His last contribution was his solo exposition in Bait Al Nabodah in Sharjah. Suwaidan also won several awards in the field of photography such as ‘Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes’ and a photography competition during the Emirates Heritage Festival, along with many more.


Fatma Ali (b. 1997) is an Emirati architect with a passion for visual art and design. She translates her visual perceptions and stories through collage storytelling works. Her art revolves around representing the Emirati culture and identity in a contemporary light. She often captures Emirati fashion vocabulary through her lens, juxtaposing it with digital art and celestial iconography. Her typically focus is showcasing the traditional ‘Jalabiyas’ in prints , setting, and colorways that go beyond their usual depiction. She gained recognition for her dreamlike compositions, which aim at evoking curiosity in the viewer and presenting them with a joyful coming together of contrasting elements.


Curatorial Team:


Roudhah Al Mazrouei (b. 2003, Al Ain), an Abu Dhabi-based visual artist, expresses herself through her Emarati culture, a lot of her paintings depict patriotic themes and the Emirati experience through a female lens. She is recognized for consistently developing her thematic expression to encourage creativity and artistic nuances. As of 2022, she is a junior currently studying Visual Arts and Art History at New York University Abu Dhabi.


Salem AlSuwaidi is a writer and curator from Abu Dhabi. He is also the Founder & Editor-in-chief of SWALIF Collective, an art and literature collective for youth based in the Khlaeej. Salem completed a degree in Politics and Geography from King's College London and is interested in exploring nationalism, cultural hegemony, and post-colonial development. He aspires to become an academic in Middle Eastern political science and urban studies.


Abdullah Alkindi is a multidisciplinary artist and creative based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He comes from a multifaceted Bedouin family with a long history of migration and tribalism, and his background has influenced his exploration of cultural themes through his art. Alkindi recently participated in the "SIKKA" fair 2023 and "Ybna al 3id" at Bayt Al Mamzar. He is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Culture and currently doing a Communications internship at "421". His art conveys themes of cultural discourse and reflection, questioning the cultural and anthropological structure of modern societies. Through his art, he seeks to create a space for dialogue and camaraderie.