Annelid Archive

Annelid's practice deals with potentialities within archival and archaeological institutional systems of extracting and documenting specific historical events. A document implements a myopic lens in which we see history as linear, it doesn't recognise the haptic conditions that existed in the historical event. Documents, therefore, become historical currencies fit according to the value attained relative to the institutional hierarchy. Through recognising potentialities as a resistant structure, histories can be built malleable, it can be legitimate in its precision and imprecision. She uses tools of fiction to imagine the living conditions and the constraints of certain histories. Where certain qualities of a historical event can be animated with time.Moza attempts to structure a space where an archive is allowed complexity. These gaps of knowledge between a historical period and an artefact do not represent historical probabilities in order to detect a valid truth, but a space in which it’s entitled to take form or completely reject it. These potentialities aren't only a transparent means of facilitating history from the experience to the document, but it’s imminence also has an equal right and space to that of the document.