Huda Jamal

Huda Jamal is a Bahraini artist who currently majors in Architecture, and is a member in Bahrain Contemporary Art Association. Through her art, Huda aims to explore new ways in portraying the true horrors of our world, without attempting to beautify or romanticize them. While she also strives to illustrate social and political issues that have a profound impact on our lives. The artist's inspiration to create art strings from observing the Architecture of theatre scenography and its method of impersonating reality through provoking the human's sensorial system, she employs those observations in her artistic storytelling journey by combining figurative art and symbolism. With the purpose of intensifying the subjects in her compositions, Huda works with a restricted palette that combines mainly three colors. The artist has recently been experimenting with new mediums, and has been incorporating textiles into her paintings with the usage of handwoven techniques to expand the dimensions of her artworks.